It's Not Possible To Be A Passive Ally November 20 2016

As likely everyone is aware, Brexit and the election of Trump into office has sparked a monumental increase in hate crimes against marginalized peoples.  Everything from verbal and physical assault to efforts to decrease their rights as human beings.  In the US alone, there have been over 700 reported incidents in just two weeks.

It is clear that the validation and normalization of bigotry and racism has emboldened the populace who would have otherwise been more subtle in their hatred.  As a result, one movement that has swept social media is the wearing of safety pins to designate oneself as a safe person.  While the safety pin is meant to communicate that someone is safe to approach for company, it is also meant to signify that the person will intervene in violent or hateful situations.

Unfortunately, a number of people have also brought up that the safety pin pales in comparison to real action and is often used more to assuage the guilt of self-proclaimed allies who do not plan to do anything in the face of violence. 

Since the safety pin is only a small symbol and a minimal gesture, Gromidez has designed a number of buttons to accompany or entirely replace that token.  As allies, we are obligated to take tangible action in this very real fight against injustice and cruelty.  Not only in person, but online, at family dinners, in the workplace.  It is time to get out of the comfort zone and stop worrying about rocking the boat, for we have already tipped overboard and will surely drown if we don't work together.


The featured buttons are a prominent 2.25" to ensure that your message is received loud and clear.  Silence is acceptance.  100% of the profits will be donated to relevant organizations to aid in this fight.  Bulk orders are welcomed and encouraged, including a discount.  If you are a non-profit who wishes to supply the masses, please contact me directly about a donation.

If you choose to wear a safety pin, please recognize that you are implying your support for ALL people.  All races, all religions, all gender identities, and all sexual identities.

We simply can't let hatred win.  Thank you for fighting.






Each button is available both on Gromidez and Etsy. Options for bulk ordering are available in the listing for each individual design.  The entire collection is also available for a discounted price.


While wearing a button is a wonderful gesture, it isn't all you can or should be doing. Please take a moment to call your representatives on the issues as well.

Call To Action


If you have suggestions for other button designs or organizations to donate to, please contact me directly at 

As all the buttons are printed and handmade by yours truly, please understand that order volume may increase wait time.