Doctor Who-inspired Police Box Hat- Adult- Washable

$ 35.00

It really is bigger on the inside! For the Whovian who wants to show their loyalty and love out and about, at a convention, or whenever else the mood strikes (like when it's cold)!

This hat features a squared taper to give it an effect that more closely resembles the build of the real police box without looking weird or unshapely when worn.

Since the hat is acrylic, it's perfect for those fans who have a wool allergy or who like to be able to machine wash and dry their hats. Since it's made with an acrylic that's stupidly soft, it doesn't itch or scratch like some acrylics. It's perfect all around!

***The hat has a nice amount of stretch, so "Regular" size will fit most adult heads. Will comfortably, and snugly fit up to 24". If your head is larger or you'd like a hat that is less snug, please choose "Large" from the size list. If you'd like a child size, please convo me!***

Please note: I am just a fan and not associated with BBC or the creators of Doctor Who in any way, nor do I claim to be. This hat design was created as a way for like-minded individuals to show off their love for the show. No infringement is intended.

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