Care Instructions for Your Gromidez Wearables

Care Instructions for Your Gromidez Wearables

Unless otherwise noted, Gromidez knit and crochet products are created using 100% acrylic yarn.  Here are some frequently asked questions about this material, and their answers!

Why acrylic?

With our products reaching a great number of people all over the world, Gromidez has decided to use acrylic yarn for a number of reasons.  One of the biggest being that acrylic is hypoallergenic.  Consumers with allergies to natural fibers, such as wool, need not be concerned with the synthetic fiber, acrylic.

Besides health concerns, acrylic yarn also comes in a variety of vibrant colors and can be machine wash and dried.  So it's best for creating the most fun, colorful, and accurate designs that are convenient to care for!

Additionally, acrylic fibers won't shrink, stain, mildew, or attract moths.


But isn't acrylic yarn rough and scratchy?

While that may have been the case many years ago, as older yarn crafters will tell you, it isn't any more.  As with any other fiber, different brands provide different products with varying levels of softness.  Gromidez wearable creations are made exclusively with the softest yarns, so you're always comfortable.  And with every wash, the yarn tends to get even softer still!


Ok, so how do I take care of the acrylic stuff?

It's super easy!  All of the Gromidez wearables (unless otherwise listed) can be washed and dried in the machine along with the rest of your clothes!

Heavy friction can cause pilling, so you may choose to wash these items on the gentle cycle and/or in garment bags.  But it's not required!

The only thing you can't do, ever, is iron acrylic.  Since acrylic is synthetic, direct heat will melt the fibers.  But since acrylic doesn't really wrinkle, you probably won't ever feel the need to iron it anyway! 

When storing your Gromidez wearables, it's best to fold them since hanging them can cause the items to stretch out of shape.  If you choose not to machine dry, lay them flat instead of hanging them.

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