Cuddly Cosplay Cthulhu 11th Doctor Plush

$ 30.00

Humans aren't the only ones who like to dress up! Cthulhu loves to represent his favorite characters, too!

Here is Cthulhu dressed as the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith. Complete with cool fez, bowtie, suspenders, and sonic screwdriver, Cthulhu gets the job done out at his favorite Conventions and saving the Universe one alien race at a time.

11th Doctor Cthulhu is handmade with bright acrylic yarn and stuffed with polyester filling. With no sharp or detachable parts, he's great as a kids' toy, a traveling companion, or a decoration in your favorite geek room!

He stands about 5.5" tall and weighs next to nothing.

***We do not own the characters or rights to the 'Doctor Who' franchise or "Cthulhu" and are in no way affiliated with those companies and individuals who do. This is a parody.***


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