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Doctor Who-Inspired Police Box Baby Hat

Doctor Who-Inspired Police Box Baby Hat

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It really is bigger on the inside!

This adorable hat is a perfect accessory for the geek baby of the Whovian who wants to show their loyalty and love out and about, at a convention, or whenever else the mood strikes (like when it's cold)!

The hat is made with a squared taper to better give the likeness of the spaceship time machine we all know and love, without giving a weird shape to baby's head.

Made from incredibly soft acrylic yarn, this hat won't cause wool allergies or be scratchy and uncomfortable. And if that wasn't good enough - it's machine washable and dryable! In bright, fun colors, it's absolutely perfect!

The hats are slightly stretchy and will fit a variation of a few inches. The Baby hat will fit between 14"-18". The Toddler hat will fit 18"-20". Please choose the size you need when placing your order.

~~~We do not own the characters or rights to the'Doctor Who’ franchise and are in no way affiliated with those companies and individuals who do. This is a parody.~~~
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