Not A Jayne Hat- Adult

$ 40.00

This awesomely cunning hat, in the style of our favorite PR specialist is made of SUPER soft acrylic in warm, familiar colors!

This hat is the perfect accessory for your geek costume, to show your sci-fi love around town or at a convention, or just to keep your head and ears warm with geek pride this winter season!

Since the hat is acrylic, it's perfect for those fans who have a wool allergy or who like to be able to machine wash and dry their hats. Since it's made with an acrylic that's stupidly soft, it doesn't itch or scratch like some acrylics. It's perfect in just about every way!

The hat has a nice amount of stretch, so "Regular" size will fit most adult heads. Will comfortably, and snugly fit up to 24". If your head is larger or you'd like a hat that is less snug, please choose "Large" from the size list.


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