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Horror Icon Collection- Hellraiser - Inspired Pinhead Plush

Horror Icon Collection- Hellraiser - Inspired Pinhead Plush

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"There is no evil. There is only flesh." 

Well... yarn. This mini-monster might be here for your soul, but he probably just wants to snuggle!

Introducing the Pinhead Plush, standing at a creepily adorable 7-8 inches tall. Crafted with meticulous detail and featuring real pins, he’s the perfect blend of horror and huggability. Whether you’re a die-hard Hellraiser fan or just in need of a uniquely sinister snuggle buddy, this plush is a must-have.

Perfect for your horror collection or as a comforting companion when you’re feeling lonely, Pinhead Plush is ready to bring a touch of the eerie to your everyday life. His sinister yet endearing design is bound to turn heads and warm hearts, one cuddle at a time.

Please note: This plush will ship with pins in place, but pushed all the way in for safety during shipping. Please slide the pins out to your desired length (up to 1 inch) when you receive it.

Embrace the softer side of darkness with the Pinhead Plush – because even the Lord of Pain deserves a hug!

***We do not own the characters or rights to the 'Hellraiser' franchise and are in no way affiliated with those companies and individuals who do. This is a parody.***

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