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Invader Zim-inspired Beanie- Adult- Washable

Invader Zim-inspired Beanie- Adult- Washable

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If you feel like you're getting nowhere trying to conquer the Earth, maybe this stylish and warm beanie will help!

Ok, it probably won't, but at least you'll know you're not alone (and certainly not the worst) at Earth-conquering. 'Cause, really, who could be worse than Zim?

Adorned with Zim's iconic "crazy-eyes" ( you know, the ones he gets whenever Gir does something silly, so.....always) and antenna, you can sport the look of an invader at your next convention, around town, or just because your head is cold.

Made with 100% acrylic yarn, this hat is machine wash-and dryable, as well as soft and comfy!

With a bit of stretch, the beanie is one size fits most adult-sized heads. If you need a child size or fear your head is larger-than-normal, please convo me about a custom hat!

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