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Star Trek-Inspired Crochet Wrap Top - Washable

Star Trek-Inspired Crochet Wrap Top - Washable

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Dammit Jim, I'm a wrap top, not a doctor!

This trendy, adorable top is a wonderful mashup of your favorite sci-fi with style and comfort you can rock anywhere.
With three points of adjustability (neck, back, waist), this top is one size fits most.

Choose your favorite color in the drop down menu.

For different sizing or colors, please contact before purchasing.

This item is handmade from an original Gromidez pattern in 100% soft acrylic yarn. It can be machine washed and dried.

***We do not own the characters or rights to the 'Star Trek' franchise and are in no way affiliated with those companies and individuals who do. This is a parody.***

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